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Bearing And Types Of Bearing.

Let’s Know What Is Bearing And Types Of Bearings.


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Bearing is a mechanical element or mechanical mechanism which allows motion between two rotating parts, with minimum friction. An example of such rotating parts is a shaft and its housing.

## The function of bearing A good bearing is expected to do the following functions:- 

=It should ensure free rotation with minimum friction. 

=It should support rotating parts and maintain them in the correct position.

=Bearing should transmit the forces acting on rotating parts to the frame of the machine.

## Different types of bearings:-


# Deep groove ball bearings:-


Bearing,, Types of bearing, Deep Groove ball bearing



# Angular contact ball bearings:- Angular contact ball bearings Angular contact Double ball bearings

# Self-aligning ball bearings:-


Bearing,, Self-aligning ball bearings: Self-aligning ball bearings:



# Cylindrical Roller Bearings:-


Bearing,, Types of bearing, Cylindrical Roller Bearings



# Tapper roller bearings:-


Bearing,, Types of bearing, Tapper Roller Bearings



# Spherical roller bearings:-

Bearing,, Types of bearing, Spherical Double roller bearings



# Cylindrical plain bearings:-


Bearing,, Types of bearing, Cylindrical plain bearings:

# Split type plain bearings:-


Bearing,, Types of bearing, Split type plain bearings

# Tilting pad type plain bearings:-



Bearing,, Types of bearing, Tilting pad type plain bearings


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