What About Cooling Tower? Types Of Cooling Tower.

What About Cooling Tower? Types Of Cooling Tower.

Cooling Tower is basically a heat rejection device or heat exchanger in which water and air are brought into contact with the purpose of lowering the temperature of the water. It’s not surprising that cooling tower technology lends itself to many applications including refineries, power plants, natural gas processing plants, and commercial, Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning(HVAC) systems. 

Despite the fact that the basic cooling tower operating concept is easy to grasp, simply air interacting with water, like any other form of machinery proper maintenance, is required for optimal performance. Even so, problems can develop, and troubleshooting and repair will be required.



# Here are a few potential problems:- 

  • In the water, the temperature rises unexpectedly. 

  • There is excessive vibration or noise. 

  • The cooling capacity has lowered unexpectedly.

  • The water carries over the specified level. 

  • The water conductivity is not within the acceptable range.

  • The motor temperature is too high. 

  • The water flow is reduced below specification. 

  • There is an unexpected water loss. 

# Main Types of Cooling Towers:-

? Based On Air Flow:-

01- Cross Flow. 

02- Counter Flow. 

? Based On Air Draft:- 

01- Natural Draft.

02– Mechanical Draft:-

(a)- Induced Draft.

(b)- Forced Draft.


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