Electrical Wiring Or Cabling And It’s Classifications।

Electrical Wiring Or Cabling And Its Classifications।

Today we try to know what is Electrical Wiring or Cabling and its classifications. Why Electrical Wiring is needed and how many Classifications of Electrical Wiring or Cabling? 


In a broader sense, electrical wiring or cabling means the electrical connection between the production of electrical energy or source location with electrical load in a planned and safe way. Provides electricity to the consumer level through electrical wiring or cabling from various periodic power generation plants. The customer again does the domestic electrical wiring at the customer’s convenience to use the electricity. An orderly electric wiring system keeps an organization or individual safe from Electrical hazards. And electrical equipment can be protected from damage.


The Main Classifications OfElectrical Wiring or Cabling


  • Industrial Wiring,

  • Over Head Wiring,

  • Underground Wiring,

Industrial Wiring is a method used in residential, office, or industrial buildings. Every system for carrying electricity from one place to another through an electric pole located on the side of the road is called Overhead Electrical Wiring. On the other hand, if Electrical Wiring is carried from one place to another through the underground, it is called Underground Electrical Wiring.

Classifications Of Electrical Wiring, According To Use Internal May Be Classified As Being:

  1. Domestic Electrical Wiring,

  2. Industrial Electrical Wiring,

Classifications Of Electrical Wiring, According To Use Of Material And System, Internal Electrical Wiring May Be As follows:

  1. Cleat Wiring,

  2. Wood Casing Wiring,

  3. Batten Wiring,

  4. Chamel Wiring,

  5. MS (Metal Seated) Wiring,

  6. Conduit Wiring, ( =Surface Conduit Wiring, =Concealed Conduit Wiring,)

  7. Trunking Wiring,

  8. Seated Cable Bariar Direct In plaster,

Deciding Factors For Electrical Wiring Or Cabling,

  • Amount of money to be spent,

  • Available Time,

  • Appearance,

  • Safety,

  • Load to be taken,

  • Voltage to be supplied,

  • Type of building,

  • Facilities of the entrance and alternations can be made.

  • Durability.

  • Reliability.

In Industry’s Electrical Cable Supply Systems Or Cabling Classifications Are,

  • Cable Tray,

  • Cable Duct,

  • And Cable Tranch.


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