What Is Gas Hydrate.How To Prevent It?

What Is Gas Hydrate? How To Prevent It?

When gas molecules are trapped in a lattice of water molecules at temperatures above 0°C and pressures above one atmosphere, they can form a sta­ble solid. These solids are Gas hydrates. Most Gas Hydrate is formed from methane (CH4). Methane is the simplest hydrocarbon and is the primary component of NG that we burn for energy.

Simply Hydrate is a compound, typically a crystalline one, in which water molecules are chemically bound to another compound or element.

# Hydrate formations in pipelines are dangerous and costly it leads to:-

1️⃣  Slow down the flow of oil and gas through a pipeline.

2️⃣  Block pipelines altogether. That means a production slow down.

3️⃣  Cause pressure build-ups that can end in fire and explosions.

# There are 4 techniques to prevent hydrate formation:-

1️⃣  Remove the free and dissolved water from the system with separators, Glycol Dehydrators, molecular sieves, or other methods.

2️⃣  Maintain high temperatures so that gas hydrates do not form.

3️⃣  Maintain low pressures to keep all phases fluid.

4️⃣  Inject an inhibitor to prevent hydrate formation.

### In the fourth method, predictions can also indicate the free-water concentration of thermodynamic inhibitors, such as (MeOH),(MEG) which are injected to compete with the hydrate structure for water molecules.


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