Industrial Storage Tank And Types Of Storage Tanks.

Industrial Storage Tank Or Storage vessel And Types Of Industrial Storage Tanks.

Any type of processing plant requires more than one raw material to produce a specific product. Again, storage tanks are used to store the products properly. Different types of storage tanks are used in the industry.

Some products have to be stored in a liquid, gaseous, or solid state. Again cold or hot i.e. stored at a certain temperature. Again it is stored at atmospheric pressure or at a certain pressure.

Storage tanks containing organic liquids, non-organic liquids, vapors, and can be found in many industries. The storage tank is designed and built to the American Petroleum Institute (API-650) specification.  


# There Are 8 Types Of Industrial Storage Tanks:-

  1. Fixed-Roof tank.

  2. External floating roof tanks.

  3. Internal floating roof tanks.

  4. Domed external floating roof tanks.

  5. Horizontal tanks.

  6. Pressure Tanks ( Spherical).

  7. Variable vapor space tanks.

  8. LNG tanks.


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