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Let’s Know About Plumbing Fittings Or Pipe Fittings.

Let’s Know About Plumbing Fittings Or Pipe Fittings.


The components or a seat of mechanical mechanisms used to create the pipeline network are called Pipe Fittings. It’s also called Plumbing Fittings. Such as Socket, T-joint, Flange, Union socket, Elbow, Bend, Reducer, 90° Elbow, etc.


# Flange: 

The flange is a metal disc that has a borehole in the center, to hold a pipe and it has at least four boltholes around the borehole. This kind of pipe fittings used to attach two pipes by welding, brazing, or tread at the ends of the pipe.



# Socket:

Inside the sockets are internally threaded, which pipe fittings are used for joint two pipelines straightly.  Reducing socket is used if two pipelines diameter is different.

# Union Socket:

Union socket is used as a socket. Two pipelines are used to attach straight to the long pipeline network, they facilitate during maintenance work. Therefore, a union socket is sometimes installed in pipeline fabrication instead of a socket.

# Reducer:

Reducers are used to connect two different diameters of pipes to reduce fluid mass.

Two types of reducers are;- 

 01. Concentric reducer and 

 02. Eccentric reducers.

# 90° Elbow:

90-Degree Elbow is used to make the pipeline 90 degrees angle.


# Bend:

Bend also used to bend the pipeline to a 90-degree angle, but the band’s arc radius is larger than the Elbow, so the friction loss here is less.

# T-joint:– 

T-joints are used to create a single branch line at a 90-degree angle from the mainline of the pipe.

# Cross Joint:

Cross Joint used to create a reverse branch line at a 90-degree angle from the mainline of the pipeline.

# Expansion joint:

Expansion joints are used to absorb the thermal contraction and expansion of the pipeline. Expansion drops everywhere that are unrealistic and ineffective. socket, T-joint, Flange, Union socket, Elbow, Bend, pipe fittings, the industry. piping, pipeline, pipe network.

# Cap & Plug:

Caps and plugs are used to temporarily close the edges of the pipeline.

# Hexagonal Nipple:

The hexagonal Nipple is used to connect two internal threaded pipe fittings. For maintenance work used to the pipe range, this has a hexagonal on the edges.

# Nuts and Bolt:

Nuts and bolts are used to joint the flange of the two pipes.

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