Power Plant And Types Of Power Plants.

Power Plant And Types Of Power Plants.

Today we will discuss an important topic about electricity and power plants which may seem like the backbone of our modern human civilization. Today we can’t even think of passing a day or a moment without electricity. Electricity plays a very important role in our daily needs. Which we cannot deny. Without electricity, our modern civilization could stop in an instant. Have we ever wondered or tried to figure out how we get electricity, such an important thing?

The following two articles discuss how to get renewable energy.

How To Get Energy From Renewable, Sustainable, Clean, or Green Energy.

Renewable Energy। Renewable Resources। Clean Energy। Source Of Renewable Energy।

Today we will discuss what are power plants and are the important parts of different types of power plants? A Power Plant is also referred to as a Power Station and sometimes Power Generating Station or a Power Generating Plant. What are the energy sources of the power plant? And what are the power plant parts protection measures?

A power plant is a combination of many components and the order in which electricity is generated. We know that energy is immortal, it is only transformed from one state to another. Power plants are basically converted from various energy sources to mechanical energy which in turn produces electrical energy. In the case of power generation only through solar energy, solar energy is directly converted into electrical energy.

Different Types Of Power Plants Based On Energy Sources. e.g.

  • Steam Turbine Power Plant.

  • Gas Turbine Power Plant.

  • Combined Cycle Power Plant.

  • Hydro-Electric Power Plant.

  • Nuclear Power Plant.

  • Diesel Engine Power Plant.

  • Wind Turbine Power Plant.

  • Solar Energy Power Plant.

  • Bioenergy Power Plant.

  • Seapower Power Plant.

  • Ocean Wave Energy Power Plant.

  • Sea Heat Energy Power Plant.

  • Tidal Energy Power Plant.

  • Geothermal Energy Power Plant.

  • Urban Garbage Power Plant.

  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Plant.


Major Parts Or Components Of A Power Plant.

  • Boilers,

  • Turbine,

  • DC Power Source.

  • Cooling System,

  • Emergency Power Supply,

  • Control System,

  • Power Plant Block Diagram,

  • Power Plant Protection System,

  • Transformer,

  • Lube Oil System,

  • Bus-Bar Or Distribution System.


Energy Source Of A Power Plant.

  • Steam,

  • Gas,

  • Water,

  • Petroleum Products,

  • Nuclear Energy, Wind,

  • Ocean Wave,

  • Urban Garbage,

  • Tidal Energy,

  • Sun Light,


What are the conditions in which the parts of the power plant are normally?

  • Normal Condition.

  • Alarm Condition,

  • Trip Condition.


Lube oil systems and seal oil systems are very important in power plants. Three types of lube oil systems are used in power plants.


In a power plant powered by a turbine, special care is taken to protect the turbines from damage.

  • Lube Oil Pressure,

  • Control Oil Pressure,

  • Turbine Over Speed,

  • Axial Displacement Of Turbine Rotor,

  • Radial Displacement Of Turbine Rotor,

  • Excessive Vibration.

  • Cooling System, 


The following controllers work to protect the generator from damage to the power plant.

  • Differential Relay,

  • Over Current,

  • Phase Unbalance,

  • Earth Fault,

  • Reverse Power,


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