Difference Between Pressure Safety Valve and Pressure Relief Valve.

Difference between Pressure Safety Valve (PSV) and Pressure Relief Valve (PRV):- 

Although freely used interchangeably, these terms differ in the following aspect,



## Pressure Relief Valve(PRV):

Pressure Relief Valve is the term used to describe relief devices on a liquid-filled vessel. For such a valve the opening is proportional to the increase in the vessel pressure. Hence the opening of the valve is not sudden, but gradual if the pressure is increased gradually.



## Pressure Safety Valve (PSV)

Pressure Safety Valves is the term used to describe the relief device on a compressible fluid or gas-filled vessel. For such a valve the opening is sudden. When the set pressure of the valve is reached, the valve opens almost fully. Thus, the Pressure Safety Valve safe a pressurized loop or equipment. 

This means that although the PRV and the PSV are one and the same, their working principles are different.




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