Search And Rescue (SAR) Operations, Or Emergency Escape From An Accidents.

The Best Way To Search And Rescue (SAR) Operations, Or Emergency Escape From An Accidents.


Accidents or unforeseen events can happen at any time around us in our daily life or at work. Everybody should know The Best Way To Search And Rescue (SAR) Operations, Or Emergency Escape From An Accidents. Rescue operations are the act of rescuing someone from an accident site, protecting a person from harm or property, and keeping oneself safe. Undoubtedly the rescue operation, social service, health services, health care, safe search, emergency services, is a heroic and humane act.

Responsibility Of Rescuer.

  • Quickly evacuate the victim from the scene of the accident, or save lives.

  • Transfer the injured to the nearest medical center for first aid.

  • Removing the dead body from the accident area.

  • To make arrangements for the disconnection of water, electricity, and gas in the area affected by the accident area.

Important Tips Of Casualty Handling.

The aim should be to prevent further shock and injury by:-

  • Re-assuring the patient keeps him calm oneself.

  • Stopping bleeding with pad and bandage.

  • Keeping the Casualty warm.

  • Relieving pain.

  • Moving the casualty as little as possible.

  • Allowing the fresh air to reach the Casualty.

  • Not unnecessary cutting or removing clothing.

General Principle Of Search And Rescue Operation (SAR).

  • Don’t move the casualty unnecessarily.

  • Never transferred the victims by one rescuer without emergency.

  • Try to inform the victims about the rescue plan.

  • The Rescue Operation should be followed by the dictations of the team leader.

  • Assurance first the safety of the rescuer.

Search And Rescue Operation(SAR) Plan And Action For A Single Person.

You need to keep yourself safe and carry out rescue operations in an orderly manner through planning. If there is not more than one person at the scene of the accident, then the rescue operation must be conducted to keep oneself safe. Or a person should take part in the rescue operation only after informing the authorities for rescue.

Search And Rescue Operation(SAR) Plan And Action For A  Rescue Team.

The leader of The Rescue Operation team developed a flexible and adjustable plan that will permit rescue operation personnel to implement and tactics necessary to control a rescue operation.
The following list of some of the actions of rescue operation personnel implement the operational procedures necessary to conclude a complex rescue operation successfully:-

  • Direct the Rescue Operation.

  • Divided the collapse area into manageable areas.

  • Formulate a standby contingency plan.

  • Assess and evaluate the rescue plan as it progresses.

  • Designate a standing area and the needed equipment, tools, and manpower, etc.

  • Maintain Communications laterally with the rescuers.

  • Provide the incident commander with a progress report.

Methods Of Rescue.

There are different methods to rescue the causality. Suitability of the methods on the following conditions;-

  • The intensity of casualty.

  • Position and environment of the accident place.

  • The physical condition of the patient.

  • The consciousness of the victim.

  • Number of Rescuers.

Suitable Methods For (01) One Rescuer.
  • Shoulder Drag,

  • Ankle Drag,

  • Blanket Pull,

  • Human Crutch,

  • Cradle Method,

  • Fire Man’s lift,

  • Pick-A-back methods,

Suitable Methods For (02) Two Rescuers.

  • Human Crutch,

  • Two-handed Seat,

  • Four-handed Seat,

  • Chair Carry.

Suitable Methods For More Than (02) Two Rescuers.

  • Hammock Carry,

  • Stretcher Carry,


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