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The Mechanical Power Transmission System.


The Mechanical Power Transmission System Or Energy Transfer.   The factory or industry requires driving power to run various machines. The various machine’s required motives have to be transferred from one place to another place. Or the power has to be increased or decreased or need to torque converter. The …

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What is Packed Tower, Packing Elements, Function Of Packing Elements?


Complete Overview Of Packed Tower, Packing Elements, And Function Of Packing Elements. Today we discuss or try to know what is Packed Tower, Packing Elements And Function of Packing and what are Packing Elements, the Function Of Packing Elements and what are they made of. As we all know the packed …

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Explosion Hazard And How To Prevent It?


Let’s Today We Know About Workplace Explosion Hazard And How To Prevent Explosion Hazard? Of course, an explosion is a physical change that is due to a chemical reaction or physical change. That means any explosion must have a physical change. Physical Explosion: – A physical explosion occurs if a …

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How To Prevent Fire Hazards In The Workplace?


Let’s We Know About Fire Hazard And How To Prevent Fire Hazards In The Workplace. By fire hazard, we mean an uncontrolled conversion. Hazards are caused by unconscious activities of nature or human beings. Combustion is defined as the self-sustaining exothermic oxidation of combustible matter in the presence of air …

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Occupational Safety And Safety Requirements In Industries.


Occupational Safety And Safety Requirements In Industries.   In order to work in any industrial or process industry, we need to know some common equipment common process some safety rules and regulations which play a helpful role in our field of work. Hazard is a situation or subject that refers …

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