Turbine And Compressor। Question With Answer About Lube Oil Systems.

Turbine And Compressor। Question With Answer About Lube Oil Systems.

Already on my site Tech Process, there are already two topics related to What Is Compressor And Compression System? Working Principle Of Compressor. and The Steam Turbine, And How It Works?  is discussed about compressor and turbine.

On my past two Contents Question With Answer About Turbine And Compressor In Process Plant. and Question With Answer About Turbine And Compressor In Process Industries 02. We discuss some of the issues related to Turbine And Compressor। Question With Answer About Lube Oil Systems, types of turbines, major parts of a turbine, protective devices of a turbine, etc. It is also about compressors and turbines Lube Oil System. I have shared with you some of the knowledge I have gained from working on compressors and turbines that I have seen in real life. 




We know that Lubricating oil is a very important part of any rolling machine. We can compare it with the blood of the human body. For example, in the human body, pureblood provides essential nutrients to different parts of the body and carries bad substances from the body. Similarly, lube oil carries the extra temperature of the rotating machine and helps to reduce the friction of the rotating machine.


The Lubricating Oil serves in part to create a film that lifts and supports the shaft and prevents it from coming into contact with the bearing walls. In part to cool the bearings and keep them at an acceptable temperature. 

# Do You Know Why Heating Steam Is Used In The Lube Oil Tank?

Heating steam is used in the lube oil tank to raise the desired temperature of the lube oil at the time of start-up. If the desired temperature is not maintained at the initial stage then high viscous oil will create friction resulting in the damage of the white metal of Bearings. It also serves to kill the bacteria if there is any possibility of their formation in the lube oil tank.

Why Control Oil Filter Is Used On A Turbine Or A Compressor?

Most important to keep clean and good quality of oil system on turbine or compressor, need to use oil filter or control oil filter.

Control oil filter or oil filter is a very important part of a turbine or a compressor’s oil system. When the control oil or lube oil system circulates on the controlling device or rotating equipment, may oil carry tiny or dirty particles? Contaminated Tiny and dirty particles with the oil may cause the blockage of the port of the controlling device and it may create problems in proper controlling of regulating valve and trip actuators. That is why a control oil filter is used on a turbine or a compressor.

Why Lube Oil Cooler Is Used Before A Lube Oil Filter?

The temperature of lube oil before the cooler is higher than the lube oil is aftercooler. The contaminated particles with the oil at high temperatures gather higher energy and get a chance for escaping from the filter easily. But at the low temperature, the contaminated oil remains almost saddle condition and filter cartridge can catch them easily; i,c at low-temperature filtration is better than high temperature. That is why a lube oil cooler is used before the lube oil filter.

What Is Viscosity? What Is The Effect Of Temperature On Viscosity?

When the liquid flows, each portion of the liquid experience a resistance to flow When flowing past another portion. We can say that the viscosity of a liquid is the measure of the internal friction of a liquid.

The tangential force per unit area per unit velocity gradient is called the viscosity or simply Viscosity.

µ =  Tangential Force   (Area × Velocity Gradient)

# The Effect Of Temperature On Viscosity:

The Viscosity of liquids generally decreases with the increase of temperature and vice versa I,c; a liquid becomes more free-flowing at the higher temperatures.

# Do You Know Why The Control Oil Solenoid Valve Is Used On The Turbine?

Turbine And Compressor। Question With Answer About Lube Oil Systems. Control oil solenoid valve plays an important role in controlling the turbine.  The solenoid valve is energized then the control oil gets entry to the controlling devices placed downstream of the solenoid valve. The desired pressure is built up then all the controlling devices are able to go into service position along with the emergency valve open.  After this solenoid is D-energized due to any trip cause as per its predetermined set then control oil is cut toward the controlling device by opening its drain.  Oil pressure in the whole control system collapse causing the emergency valve to close and stop the turbine.


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