slide valve.
slide valve.

What is Valve? Types Of Valves.

What is Valve? Types Of Valves.


Proper technical knowledge in the workplace can enhance work skills. This knowledge can make it easy to operate in chemical, Ammonia Processes, Basic Processes, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Process Technology, Chemical Industries, Lubricant Manufacturing, Manufacturing Industries, Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Power Generation, and any other industries with largely. Therefore, a thorough idea of any kind of Valve will surely push anyone further.

A valve is a mechanical device. It has a moveable mechanism that can open-close the passages in the body. A valve Fluid’s flow open-close even completely controls the pipelines, Vessel, Equipment, and Machine.

# Main function of the valves?

= Completely Open and closed the flow, 

= Control the value of the flow  rate,

= To allow the flow to go in one direction.

# Classification of Valves:-

01. Depending on the value of the control, the valve can be divided into two larger groups.

  1. Manual Valve.
  2. Control Valve.

(A). Manual Valve:-

The manual valve can be divided into four sections, according to the movement of the valve seat.

  1. Closing Down Valve:- Globe Valve, Piston Valve, etc.
  2. Slide Valve:- Gale Valve.
  3. Rotary Valve:- Ball Valve, Plug Valve, etc.
  4. Flex-Body Valve:- Diaphragm Valve, Pinch Valve, etc.

(B). Control Valve:-

  1. Check Valve:- Lift Check Valve.
  2. Pressure Relief Valve:- Safety Valve, Safety Relief Valve, etc.

# Different Types of valves uses in different sectors.

01. Globe valve:-


Globe valve.
Globe valve.

02. Gate valve:-


Gate valve.
Gate valve.

03. Ball valve:-


Ball Valve.
Ball Valve.

04. Butterfly valve:-


Check Valve.
Check Valve.

05. Diaphragm valve:-

Types of Valve
Types of Valve. Ball Valve.

06. Plug valve:-


Plug valve. Check Valve.
Plug valve.

07. Needle valve:-


Types of Valve. Needle Valve
Needle Valve

08. Angle valve:-

Types of Valve. angle valve
Angle Valve

09. Pinch valve:- valves/ valves/

10. Slide valve:-

11. Flush bottom valve:-

12. Solenoid valve:-

13. Control Valve:-

14. Flow regulating valve:- regulatingvalves/ regulating valves/

15. Backpressure regulating valve:-



Backpressure regulating valve.
Backpressure regulating valve.

16. Y-type valve:-



Y-Type valve.
Y-Type valve.

17. Piston valve:-


Piston valve.
Piston valve.



18. Pressure-regulating valve:-



Pressure Regulating valve.
Pressure Regulating valve.



19. Check valve:-


check valve.
check valve.


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