What Is Seal And Types Of Seal?

Let’s We Know About What Is Seal And Types Of Seals.


In order to work in any industrial or process industry, we need to know some common equipment common process some safety rules and regulations which play a helpful role in our field of work.

The seal is a device that ensures sealing between two close gaps and tightens joint fluid-tight. The seals usually form a barrier between two flange,  two machines, or equipment. The seals minimize leakage between two contact surfaces and prevent high-pressure fluid from coming to the low-pressure side, thus the seals usually act as a Sealing between the two contacts.




Different Types Of Seals And Their Uses.

  1. Static seals.

Any seals basically sealing between two mediums or between two types of equipment or machines. In this case, if two machines or types of equipment are stationary relative to each other, then the seals used there are called Static Seals. Such as; Machine Casing Seals, Flange Connecting Sales, Cylinder Covers Sales, etc.

  1. Dynamic seals.

When seals have two surfaces or equipment sealing, where two types of equipment or machines have a rotating or reciprocating motion relative to each other, the seals used there are called dynamic seals. Gland Packing Seals, Mechanical Seals, Oil Seals, etc. Further dynamic seals Can be classified into Contact Type Seals and Non-Contact Type Seals.

The use of different types of seals is mentioned below;

  • Gasket:-                        Pipe or Machine Flange.

  • Gland Packing:–          Centrifugal Pump, Reciprocating Pump, Valve, etc.

  • Mechanical Seal:-       Centrifugal Pump,

  • V-Ring:-                       Grease or Oil Filled Bearing Housing.

  • Oil Seal:-                      Oil Chamber (Bearing Housing).

  • Seal Tape:-                  Thread (Pipe or Drain Plug).

  • O-Ring:-                       Shaft Sleeve, Mechanical Seal, Flat Surface, Bearing Cover, etc.

  • Piston Ring:-               Piston of Reciprocating Machine.



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