What Is Strainer? Types of strainer.

What Is Strainer? Types of the strainer.

Stainers are one kind of mechanical mechanism, used in the piping system to protect sensitive equipment such as a valve, control valve, steam trap, or pump, against dirt, and other substances in a chemical plant, manufacturing industries, petrochemicals, etc. The use of a strainer prevents the piping system from flowing into all kinds of unwanted substances and protects the downstream equipment.



#Types of strainers:-

01. Temporary strainers:-  Temporary steamers are used to prevent the constructional Chips, foreign particles, or undaunted substations at the pumps upstream during factory or any project startup and flushing.

=>Conical type start-up strainer. 



Conical type start-up strainer,

02. Permanent strainer:- Permanent Strainer is used upstream of the control valve, and steam trap, to protect the instrument from all kinds of unwanted substances or corrosion products.

=>Wyc strainers,


Wyc strainers,

=>Basket strainers.


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What Is Strainer? Types of the strainer.

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